Individuals who wish to become Ambassadors must be young entrepreneurs who are members of the Ye! Community. If you are not yet a member of the Ye! Community, sign up here.

We are now looking for more inspiring young entrepreneurs to lead the ‪Ye! Community worldwide!

Ye! is represented in a number of countries by the most inspiring and driven young entrepreneurs! These young entrepreneurs are spearheading the Ye! global movement and lead the charge in building Ye! Local Chapters. Ye! Ambassadors are driven by their desire to support other young entrepreneurs in their country and to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by young entrepreneur in order to affect change!


Ye! Ambassadors are the face of ‪Ye! in their countries. They help build the online and offline entrepreneur community on the ground. They work hard to organize meetups and events, build partnerships with other organizations, and facilitate a stronger startup ecosystem. Ye! Ambassadors are the ones who establish and drive the Ye! local chapters. They lead the strategy & development of the Ye! Chapter and their roles include:

1) Create partnerships at the local levels

2) Coordinate Ye! events and activities

3) Represent Ye! in high-level national and international events

4) Manage Ye! country social media

5) Provide feedback and input to Ye!


We are now looking for more inspiring young entrepreneurs to lead the ‪Ye! Community worldwide! What does that mean? You will be the go-to person for the ‪Ye! members in your country! Being a Ye! Ambassador involves a range of benefits, including:

1) Have a chance to create a change to benefit young entrepreneurs in your country

2) Take the lead in organizing entrepreneurship initiatives

3) Contribute to recommendations presented to high-level stakeholders such as G-20, UN, UNCTAD, etc.

4) Represent Ye! and youth entrepreneurs in your country at high-level events

5) Be part of an elite network of Ye! Ambassadors from across the world

To join the network of Ye! Ambassadors, you need to:

1) Have started your own business;

2) Be an inspiring example to other young entrepreneurs;

3) Be under 30 years old Assignment is on the basis of 1 year, but it can be extended!


Do you think you have what it takes to be a ‪Ye! ambassador in your country?

Get in touch with us here! 


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