Young Achievers Awards on Opportunity Ocean

  1. The Venture or Activity: The name of your venture or organization. It’s vision and mission, the length of operation, industry and target Market.
  2. The Entrepreneur or Leader: How was this opportunity identified? How did you start? How did this happen? How were you able to apply and maintain high personal standards through challenges faced?
  3. The Innovation or Creativity of the venture/Activity: What makes it different from other ventures/activities in that particular industry. How was this opportunity spotted? How was this opportunity exploited? (i.e. how was the idea made a reality). How is the innovation different in comparison to what was previously being done? What is the competitive advantage this innovation has given the organization?
  4. The Impact Caused: The nature of the change brought by the venture/activity, how to measure sustainability of the impact. This impact can be upon: The market or industry (e.g. creating demand), the community (e.g. improving local employment through job creation / development) and the organization (e.g. increasing retention rates, CSR)
  5. Eligibility. This award recognizes young change makers who are below the age of 35.

Categories for the Young Achievers Awards

  1. Young Achievers Award for Social Entrepreneurship
  2. Young Achievers Award for Farming and Agro-Processing
  3. Young Achievers Award for Business
  4. Young Achievers Award for Media and Journalism Excellence
  5. Young Achievers Award for Innovations and ICT
  6. Young Achievers Awards for the Creative Arts (Music, Fashion, Film and Photography)
  7. Young Achievers Award for Outstanding Sports Personality
  8. Heroine/Heroes Award
  9. Overall Young Achiever of the Year
  10. Lifetime Achievement Award

Nomination process

The Nomination process for Young Achievers Awards is a free and fair process
that offers equal opportunity to all eligible applicants.

  1. Download The Nomination Form
  2. Fill in the required information
  3. Send it to

Alternatively, you can download the application form here

Or fill the Nomination form

Or Apply Online

Or Visit the Official Website for more information


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