Deadline: 31st May 2018

Opportunity Ocean £50,000 Grant Prize and Mentoring for an Innovative Idea

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in partnership with UNESCO UKNC and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is organizing a global competition called The Cities for our Future Challenge.

The Challenge seeks imaginative, problem solving young professionals, start up or student involved in surveying, urban design, architecture, or engineering to share transformative ideas for projects and policies that solve some of the defining issues of our time: Rapid Urbanisation, Climate Change and Resource Scarcity.

The winner will receive a £50,000 prize and mentoring with industry experts to bring their idea to life.

Submit your entry by selecting a challenge by core topic and region of the world. The best entries will be shortlisted in June 2018, and each entrant will receive mentoring from a RICS professional to help develop their idea ready for the final global judging.

An international judging panel will select the final winner from the shortlisted applicants in November 2018.

A £50,000 prize will be awarded to the winner, and their idea could be made into a prototype that makes a positive contribution to the world. You will also get the chance to build your professional profile at an international level, potentially kick start a rewarding and varied career, and work with experts within the surveying industry.


Rapid Urbanization

The explosion in numbers of people moving from country to city means there is an ever-increasing demand on services, infrastructure, housing, and transportation systems. Solutions are needed, fast.

Climate Change

How can cities be built or upgraded to be ecologically responsible, with a low carbon footprint, and resistant to the growing threat and frequency of extreme weather conditions caused by global warming?

Resource Scarcity

Rapid population growth puts a huge strain on vital resources such as clean water, electricity and food. How will we power our homes, put food on the table and have access to clean water in the future?

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