Deadline: 18th May 2018

Background to SFSA2018

The South African Department of Science and Technology is proud to host the fourth Science Forum South Africa on 13 &14 December 2018 in Pretoria. New to SFSA2018 is the venue of the plenary session at the LC de Villiers Sport Complex of the University of Pretoria on 12December.  The rest of the programme, on 13 and 14 December, will again be at the CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria, South Africa.

SFSA2018 will, like previous editions, serve as a large, open public platform for debating the science and society interface. It will again provide the opportunity for all interested parties to Ignite Conversations about Science. The organising committee is excited to deepen the partnership with the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) to further expand and enhance the focus on Science, Technology, and Innovation on the African Continent and increase the Pan-Africa scientific participation.

Focus and Themes for SFSA2018

SFSA2018 will, as indicated above, emphasise Pan-African Science, Technology and Innovation. The following themes will provide the framework for session allocation:

  • “Shaping Humanity”
  • “Preparing people for the knowledge economy” 
  • “Open science and open innovation for Africa’s development” 
  • “Science transforming society”
  • “A Better World”
  • Innovation shaping the industry of tomorrow” 


Please read the following guidelines for session proposals.

The purpose of all sessions: To Ignite Conversations about Science.

All submitted proposals will be reviewed and assessed by the SFSA2018Programme Committee. Please note that the Programme Committee reserves the right to request modifications to proposals prior to final acceptance on to the programme.

The following criteria will guide the SFSA2018Programme Committee in the selection process:

5.1 Content:

  • Relevance to the strategic objectives (point 2, above), focus and themes (point 3, above).
  • Quality and originality of proposal to ensure relevance to current debate.
  • Igniting vibrant discussions.
  • An interdisciplinary approach.
  • National, continental, and international topicality.
  • Potential to attract media interest.

New Youth Category

  • SFSA2018 is excited to announce a new category of parallel sessions. There will be a dedicated track of parallel sessions focusing on youth in science.
  • Most panellists must be under 35 years old. Only two panellists can be older than 35 years to qualify for this category.
  • The same selection criteria as above, i.e. content, panel members, and format will still apply to this category.
  • Please clearly indicate when you submit your proposal under this category.
  • Please indicate whom of your panellists are under 35 years old.

Selection Process

  • The call for session proposals opens on 12 April 2018.
  • The call for session proposals closes on 18 May 2018.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by the Programme Committee.
  • The Programme Committee may request revisions to some proposals.
  • The proposal allocation will be announced on 9 July 2018.

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