Deadline: 30th April 2018

Opportunity Ocean – Up to €200,000 in Grants Connecting Voice(s) Linking and Learning Facilitation in Uganda

Voice is providing grants of up to €200,000 under the Connecting Voice(s): Uganda Linking & Learning Facilitation V-1750-UG-IL Call for Proposals.

Grant applications are invited from organizations that are passionate about facilitating dynamic learning experiences with diverse groups of people, have experience working with civil society groups in Uganda, use participatory, creative and transformative approaches in networking with other stakeholders and undertake research to identify what works and what doesn’t work in development work and replicate best practices.

Under this Call for Proposals, Voice is looking for a dynamic learning organisation to facilitate the Linking and Learning between Voice grantees and other stakeholders within and beyond the Voice projects.

As an organisation, you may apply for a grant covering a period of 12 to 24 months with a maximum budget of €200,000. Linking and Learning provides a platform for collaboration, sharing experiences and best practices, learning from each other, exploring innovative ways of addressing challenges affecting diverse groups of people especially marginalised groups preferably using proven successful methodologies to infuse into the learning of the grantees as well as with the wider community too.

It is expected that that this engagement will produce evidence and innovative solutions to catalyse transformative changes for the most marginalised and discriminated.

In general, Voice in Uganda supports the following target groups:

  • Women facing exploitation, abuse, and/or violence
  • Indigenous people and/or ethnic minorities
  • People living with disabilities
  • Age-discriminated groups (seniors, youth, & children)

The successful learning organisation will support Voice in developing their own linking and learning strategies; promote participation of members of the target groups, facilitate building communities of practice around issues and challenges they face, organise events to amplify the grantees’ voices at the local, regional, and national level among others.

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Visit the Official Voice Website for more information


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