Deadline: 30 April 2019

Call for the Youth Global Fund Champions


Young people have been part of the Global Fund (GF) structure, engaged in its global and national processes and have contributed to shape its policies. The first high-level decision on engagement of young people was made during the 20th Board Meeting in Addis Ababa in November 2009. The decision point stated that the Board recognized the diversity and special needs of young people, in particular young key populations, young girls and women and young people living with HIV. The board asked the secretariat and the constituencies to ensure that perspectives and ideas of young people are reflected in the work of the Global Fund.

Since then various global and regional networks of young people have started pro-actively engaged in the GF structure and processes. The number of young people in the GF board constituencies increased. The GF youth guide was developed and it was revised as well. Numbers of trainings were organized at global, regional and country level to capacitate the young people. However such trainings were not part of the core program of the GF rather it was strategic or special initiatives. So the training and initiative did not reach out to all regions. In addition, the engagement of young people, particularly, at the country level remained a big challenge.

In 2017 Youth LEAD, Y+ and Youth RISE came together to partly respond to the gaps mentioned above. The consortium was formed and the GF- CRG Strategic Initiative Grant was successfully received.  The project was titled as Count Me In. After completing the first year of the grant, the consortium reflected on the grant implementation in early 2019 and one of the discussions was the need of pool of youth champions on the GF. In order to create this pool, the consortium proposed for the global training of trainers for the selected young people.

Objectives of the training

  • Increased understanding of the Global Fund processes including the grant application, grant 
making and implementation amongst young people
  • Enhanced skills to develop smart, realistic strategies and actions to influence the Global Fund 
  • Increased number of young people with motivation and skills to engage in the Global Fund at various level

Who can apply

  • Young people, young key populations and young people living with HIV under 30 years of age across all the regions.
  • Experience working on issues related to HIV and/or key populations at global, regional national or provincial
  • level.
  • Experience working with young people at global, regional, national or provincial level.
  • Knowledge of national policies and funding status of HIV.
  • Affiliated with any global, regional national and community based organizations working on issues related to
  • HIV and young people.
  • Experience working with Global Fund projects at Sub Recipient, Sub-sub Recipient level or as
  • a CCM member is an asset.
  • Motivated to engage with Global Fund processes and its funding mechanisms.
  • Commitment to contribute and work with Global Fund processes after the training.

How can you apply

Please complete the application form online to apply for the training until April 30, 2019. Offline application will not be accepted. Please prepare your organizational recommendation to complete the application form.

Please read the selection criteria carefully before you apply. Only selected participants will be reached out.

Training venue and date

Cape Town, South Africa

June 29- July 1, 2019

The organizer will pay all the cost of the trip for the selected participants.

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