Writing a professional email is one of the most important aspects of your professional life, whether you are getting a job or even writing to your manager at work, etc.
So, here I show you how to write a professional email, and the essential steps to follow below:

Having a professional email address
First, you need to have a professional email. It could be by using “Gmail OR Yahoo OR Hotmail, etc.”. But, in my previous experience, it is better to have a “Gmail” account. Then, try to rename your “Gmail” account with your formal name.

Write in a Suitable font
While writing your email, you need to choose a suitable font. Make sure it is not too big and not too small either. Choose a good Font Type that makes it easy to check and read your emails.

Start with Greetings
For writing and sending a formal email. You need to start with a greeting format, such as Dear Mr/Ms, etc.

Have an introduction
Then, introduce yourself and explain in a short brief what you are looking forward to finding/getting, etc.

Be focused
Do not forget to be focused while typing your email and not type a lot of non-important issues there! 

Make it short
The most effective emails are usually the ones in short frames. Do not make your emails so long or include unimportant details. Help in investing yours and the receiver’s time judiciously.

Mention the attached files in your email
If you are going to include any attached files in your email. Just mention that while typing your email. Help the reader/receiver to know that there is an attached file in the e-mail that you need them to peruse.

End your email in a professional way
When ending your email, you need to make a short brief about what you have mentioned in your whole e-mail, this is to make sure you are communicating the right message you want to deliver there! According to Blinkist’ Email Like You Mean It, it’s essential to learn how to punctuate your emails with positivity and empathy to avoid miscommunication.

Ask for reply or feedback according to the receiver`s suitable time
If you needed any response or feedback from your email`s receiver. Just ask politely about his response/feedback according to his/her suitable time! And make sure that you are going to be waiting.

Sign at the end of your email
After finishing your whole email. Do not forget to sign it using your real name for helping the other part in remembering you and your request!


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